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JAYDE MONROE Productions presents Crackerman Album Release with special guests the Mutants, The Thrill Killers & Wicked Garden. Friday September 30th at Backstage Bar & Billiards. 8pm. ON SALE NOW at

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Saturday night Ovoid, Infinati, Spacey Blurr and more! Doors at 8pm ...

∞ Ovoid ∞ Infinati ∞ Spacey Blurr ∞ Pixelgasm ∞ QuaCzar + more

October 1, 2016, 8:00pm - October 2, 2016, 3:00am

Spacey Blurr and Friends..... October 1st, SATURDAY, in Las Vegas... on Fremont St. & 6th St. $10 Cover Charge At The Door. Tickets are $5 on our web link below! Music starts at 8 PM, +21. Join us for a night of mind-bending, consciousness expansion, higher dimensional music. The space & time is here. Unleash your soul and dance it out like you’re a fractal entity in hyperspace. Squishy glitch psychedelic dance music. Enjoy beautiful live paintings & performances by flow artists. Psychedelic fractal projection visuals by Spacey Blurr will assist in opening a portal to your third eye. And… if you find a wormhole, see you on the other side… Free high fives and rides on a time machine*. Playing Live Electronic Music music, we bring you an assortment of electronic music, including Downtempo Bass Drips, Glitch, Experimental Noise, Psychedelic, Dubstep, Trap, Breakcore, Chiptunes, Classicalcore, Drum N Bass, Meditational, Spiritual, West Coast Bass, and Jam Band. Line up descriptions of each set and time slots are listed are below: Ovoid Infinati Pixelgasm Spacey Blurr Demz One Hamiltonian Operator QuaCzar Xylux Xylux *Drum N Bass / Breakcore / Chiptunes / Classicalcore* [30 minute set starts at 8 PM]: Justin McGrail (from Vegas) -- Industrial Classicalcore & breakcore, chiptunes, horrorcore, drum n bass influences. Hamiltonian Operator *Meditation / Experimental / Spirit* [30 minute set starts at 8:30 PM] Frequency surgery by way of quantum controllers calling spirits at play. Soothing resonance to bypass hertz into echo chambers and relay stations. These machines are dream speak. Spacey Blurr *Expermental Electronic Noise / Live Video Manipulation* [30 minute set starts at 9:00 PM]: Noise patterns of cosmic fractals entwined as interdimensional verse of microscopic macro expression of planetary intergalactic energies within subjective space. Spacey Blurr will be doing live video projections through out the night. Pixelgasm *Jam Band / Electronic Synth Based / Noise / Beat Driven* [1 hour set starts around 9:30 PM]: Pixelgasm set will consist of several musicians & will be live electronic improvisation, along with 2 guitars and sax... more than one synth player. Pixelgasm was formed in 2013 by Sergio Blue- Infinati, Spacey Blurr, and David Pixley theMuzzl3. It has since become an online musical collaboration project, and we have several new members who will be jamming with us live. David Pixley theMuzzl3, born in Las Vegas, is the lead engineer for Pixelgasm and is revisiting his home town (coming from Southern California). The Pixelgasm set is going to include the following musicians: Spacey Blurr, Sergio Blue - Infinati, David Pixley - theMuzzl3, Jim Stone, Hamilton Chase Titus, Justin McGrail, Justin Anderson, Johnny Muniz, Gary Williams and Mitchell Hagan; and possibly other special guests. Infinati + Navii Jah (headliner from Portland, returning to his home town) *Downtempo / Psychedelic / Bass Drip* [1 hour set starts at 10:30 PM]: Infinati is music to space out to, as it is written in a half-dream flow state. Known for his squishy wet sounds, Infinati takes you on a psychedelic journey with a lush downtempo sound. A blend of glitched out field recordings and synthesized sounds that seem to have the ability to speak and stretch your consciousness to your stardust origins and brings the soul into electronic music. With a vision of oneness, Infinati dissolves and leads you to an inner-journey of infinite fibonacci spirals where it is up to you to fractalize and realize your dream portal reality. Navii Jah will be doing interpretative hoop flow during this set. Ovoid (headliner from Seattle) *Downtempo / Psychedelic / Bass Drip* [1 hour set starts at 11:30 PM]: Ovoid brings squishy deep psychedelic bass from the pacific northwest. Textural time-space fabric ripping spin your consciousness in a hyperdimensional vortex of sound and tune you to a fractal dimension. Listen to the dream melodies and talking bass lines for an energetic uplift of ecstatic dance. Demz One (from Long Beach, CA, returning to his home town) *Glitch / Wave / Chilltrap / Psychedelic* [1 hour set starts at 12:30 AM] Gary Williams is a self taught Producer/DJ from Las Vegas, NV residing in Long Beach, CA. With a lust for knowledge and an ever evolving style that just can't be put into a box, or into words. Taking you on musical journeys through time and space, Keeping your head in the stars and your feet to the floor! Demz One utilizes a custom setup created to go beyond the typical DJ platform with smooth seamless mixes, morphing sounds and glitched out beats. Demz One's selections always seem to be from another world, bringing unheard genres full of melody and emotion, accompanied with the right amount of sultry beats and thick cozy bass! Guaranteed to make friction on the dance-floor, his Chill, Sexy, Psychedelic Glitch/Dubstep/Trap influenced style is unlike anything you've heard! QuaCzar *Trap / Dubstep / West Coast Bass* [1 hour set starts at 1:30 AM] Caleb Lewi is a musician/ producer from Las Vegas, NV. His music style is "other worldy". Influenced by hip hop, and electronic music. QuaCzar creates a journey through space and time as the leader of a lost planet. Other acts might perform, or a full on jam session may begin after 2:30 AM. Hosted by Hassan Hamilton: Live painting by Vee & more tba. Vendors: Tadpole Glass Luna Ra Starshine, merch and photography. Groove and Flow Cutie and the Creeps Possibly: Waste Your Life. Be An Artist. - shirts and hoodies Explore various vendors to support local artists & alternative wear. Hoops, poi and other flow gear are encouraged! Find your inner flow and dissolve with ecstatic dance. This is for everyone, so if you have anything art/performance to add to the event let Infinati or the hosts know. In association with: Geometrees Waste Your Life. Be An Artist. Macro Fi: Nevermore Productions:

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